About me

About Shubham Maurya


Shubham Maurya is a Web Developer, designer and a programmer based in India. I am currently studying in National Institute of Technology , Patna. I like to do experiment with technology and codes.

Shubham started Blogging on topics related to jokes and shayaries. But my interest in web designing and increased and soon started this blog to share his knowledge of web designing with the world.
Apart from programming and designing, he has a great passion for Mathematics. He likes reading Novels too.

You can find me on various social networking sites, you can contact me on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook or you can simply contact me on my email mastershubham420@gmail.com +Shubham Maurya

The blog

 I started blogging as a hobby and on topics like jokes etc. but my interest in technical stuffs grew over the time to learn more about programming.  And then started Hacksmyway to share things he learnt to help others mainly in Blogger platform.

Hacksmyway a unique name, that had no records on the Internet and that's the reason he chose this name for his blog.The blog is hosted on Blogger, it's fast, easy-to-use, Google+ support and the most important is that it's a Google's product, all photos are hosted on Google servers.

Until September of 2014, the blog had a simple design by a third-party developer. But after I learned web designing started creating his own design for his blog.

Find me online

I spend most of the time online reading about web technologies and programming and some of my favorite blogs. But I also spend times in Q&A forums where he helps and learn from others.

 Whenever I get time, I like to visit the forums to learn something new from the web developer and programmers.

More information to be updated soon..