How to Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software

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Hey ! I am going to post a new article on my blog which is about downloading the videos from youtube. We all know that there is no direct method to download youtube videos from youtube website because Youtube is only for uploading and streaming videos . If you want to download Youtube videos then you have to any extension or youtube downloader for downloading youtube videos . Here I am sharing the simplest way to download youtube videos without any software or extension.

Youtube Retro
Lets say you want to download the video as shown below

youtube url show

An old and well-known website to download youtube videos.Now they are providing an extension for downloading youtube videos more faster without replacing anything in URL. Here I will describe the old usual way to download youtube videos.The one simple step is to add "ss" before "" as shown in image below

Mod for
You will be redirected to the following page here are all option like 3gp, Mp4 etc. options to download in various formats

Youtube Multidownloader

Youtube multi downloader is relatively new service and yet it is very comfortable and promising as compared to because nowadays savefrom forces user to download their extension which may contain adware and other tricks which can compromise your privacy.There is same step to add "1s" between youtube and .com as shown in picture below

Mod for youtube multidownloader
You will be redirected to the following page here are all option like 3gp, Mp4 etc. options to download in various formats

Final Words

Both the services described above are good and promising but I personally use youtube multi downloader as it can do more thing like downloading playlists from youtube and downloading an entire youtube channel to your hard drive. You may use anyone if you don't want to use IDM directly.If you have any problem regarding this feel free to comment below.Thanks
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Meet Puffin - Fastest Browser in Town

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It's been a long time since I've posted something new on this blog. Today I am back with the name of the fastest browser for smartphones. I've tested it on Android but seriously I don't know about Apple phones.The reason behind the wicked speed of this browser is Cloud Computing which provides it an edge over Chrome and other browsers like Opera , Opera mini etc.

Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser — Wicked Fast!

Yes, Puffin web browser is the browser of interest at this point . Whether you are browsing with the data plan or wifi Puffin browser provides a wicked fast speed than other browsers. The main features of this browsers can be described as follows.You can get it from below

Get it on Google Play

Compatible with Latest Flash and Full Web Page Display

Most of the people think flash are the things of PC only but this browser use of a lot of cloud computing to bring flash in the smartphone.Sometimes this become very slow when opening flash but it is better than nothing

Incredible Loading Speed

Speed is the most crucial aspect when choosing a web browser .Puffin browser with its amazing Fastest JavaScript engine and cloud computing technology achieve loading times others can only dream of.

Puffin Browser Speed Comparison

Gamepad, Trackpad, and  other Add-ons

To make Flash work, Puffin gives you a virtual trackpad and gamepad so you can control Flash games. It also allows you to use add-ons that make it so you can instantly share to Facebook, Pocket, or wherever else.


I am writing these limitations from the official play store description. Once I was opening my Gmail account from this puffin browser and google suddenly send me a mail that someone has you password in NewYork city . I was worried but this was due to this puffin browser . So I suggest you to use it only for browsing . Don't log in any account in this if you are from India.
  • The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations.
  • For users outside the US, local contents, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in their home countries.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Puffin browser is the fastest browser for smartphones but before choosing this please focus on the limitations of this browser as I've written above.It will hogg more battery than normal due to its connection to Cloudmosa Servers. Sometimes on the mobile network, its will create the problem. In spite of all this, I love this browser only due to its amazing speed.If you have any suggestion about this post or my blog please post below in comments.
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How to mirror Android to PC

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If you're ever in a situation where you need to show or play some content from your Android to your bigger screen like Laptop, what do you do? You usually copy or move that content from Android to PC, which will work most of the time. But if you have no mean to transfer the content or you don't want to transfer content then what will you do?
Well if you are running Android Kit-kat or higher then I have solutions to that problem. There are mainly two ways to mirror Android screen to PC.One is by using your USB cable and making use of USB debugging tool available developer options in settings and another one is using your wifi network without consumption of data.

Uses of Mirroring Screen to PC

  • Show photos and videos on bigger screen
  • Presenting an app or giving a demo on big screen
  • Interacting with Android UI either from PC or Android
  • Reading some content on bigger screen
  • Browsing the web on bigger screen without internet connection in PC

Vysor(beta) - using USB cable

Vysor is an app available on the Chrome store and Google Play store both. But you have to install the app available on the chrome store only.To install this app, you may follow Chrome store and download app from below.
Download Vysor

After installing when you run this app, you will get following UI as shown.
Vysor Main Screen

Simply click on Find Device and select your device which is already plugged into PC using a USB cable.
Select device from Vysor
you will see it is installing Vysor apk (one time process) and after that you will see that your Vysor app has mirrored the Android screen to PC.
installing apk to Android
I personally like Vysor because mirrored screen is smooth in Vysor as both android and PC are connected via USB cable and you can interact with the UI of Android.

Points to consider while connecting Android

  • Proper driver should be installed in the PC
  • USB debugging in developer options should be ON
  • You should select Allow debugging when asked in the Android
Vysor connected

All cast receiver and Mirror - The wireless way

Here we come to the interesting part of this post where you can mirror android screen wirelessly.This is possible with the ClockworkMod's app for Chrome and android. Unlike Vysor you have to install apps in Android and the PC both. So lets start
First of all install the apps in Chrome and Android
Download Allcastreceiver

Connect Android and PC to the same wifi network.Then open the app from the chrome drawer and in the Android also.
Allcast Mirror
You will see the Chrome option showing in the Android app. Select that and click on Start now and what mirroring will start and you will see the screen on the big one.

Allcast Mirror Allow Screen


  • Both Android and PC should be connected to the same network probably wifi is the only way
  • You can not interact with the UI from PC (in my case if you found it will be great)
  • The performance was a bit laggy on my PC and Android phone too.
Allcast Mirror Screen


Between Vysor and Allcast Receiver kit I will always choose Vysor as I can interact with the UI from the PC screen which is missing in the Allcast.Performance in the Vysor was smooth in my case and a bit laggy in Allcast but this may be due to wifi problem because at the time of testing I was using same wifi network for browsing and downloading ****.If you are using any other technique or app please comment that. Thank You.
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How to enable night mode in Windows

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Windows is the most used operating system in the world for desktops and laptops. As the Windows is developing day by day several new features are added to it. Like from windows 7 onwards we have a screen capturing tool Snipping tool in windows to capture. We can use a third party app for these works, but still inbuilt apps offer better flexibility than any other third party app. Windows inbuilt apps are simple and super easy to use, but sometimes they lag in features.
Windows have many features on user demand, but every one of us may not know this, Like enabling night mode in windows without any third party software. Actually this thing requires a hack to enable night mode.

Enable night mode in windows

Need of Night Mode

Eye strain and lower back pain are most common problems for long time PC users.You may require a good position table and some comfortable chair etc to reduce lower back pain, but you can eliminate Eye strain up to 90% by some easy methods like enabling night mode in PC.For desktop users, it may be ok without Night mode in PC as they can set contrast and brightness physically from monitor rather than just from Windows Mobility Center but for laptop users it is extremely useful.
Advantage- Eye Strain will reduce and help to maintain healthy eyes so now productivity increase as you can read a longer article and work on the laptop for mare time than before
Disadvantage - You can not perform color sensitive work as color inversion will occur.

How to enable Night mode in Windows

There are many ways to enable night mode in windows some of them are using inbuilt functions given by windows and others require use of third party software, I will explain all them one by one

Method #1 Using windows High Contrast

For Windows
Windows has inbuilt high contrast themes which can be used when a high light in the room is not there an option for you. But this theme will not look as much beautiful as the normal theme. To switch from normal contrast theme to high contrast theme you may use shortcut Left Alt+Left Shift + Printscreen keys Simultaneously. To return from high contrast, you may use the exactly same key combination. This will not exactly work in third party software like Adobe reader, browsers. The theme will change but there will be no effect in working area like PDF will remain as it is when we enable high contrast.
For chrome
Google chrome will surprise you by its amazing features once again when you switch to a high contrast theme on windows. You will see a notification like below suggesting you to install High Contrast Extension from official App store of Google.After installing the extension, you will get a button next to your address bar from which you can toggle high contrast for a particular website or you can set the default configuration for all websites you visit.

dark theme notification

For firefox
Firefox is more awesome in this regard as it has built in night mode. Whenever you switch on the high contrast theme on windows Firefox will automatically follow the same and enables night mode in it.

Method #2 Using Magnifier

Most of the windows users doesn't know that the Magnifier which is use used to magnify things on the computer screen can be used to create night mode in Windows. It can create true night mode regardless of anything.It will work with all software as it invert color for all things.The step by step procedure is given below

  • Press Win+S To open search bar in windows and search for Magnifier
  • Search Magnifier
  • By default the zoom level is 250% Just click (-)sign to reduce it to 100%
  • zoom level to 100%
  • Click on gear icon which will open options
  • Magnifier setting
  • Now Tick in Turn on color inversion
  • Magnifier Color Inversion
  • That's it

Method #3 Using F.lux

F.lux is a third party software used to stop blue light effect from RGB as they are the main cause of eye strain. You can download it from their website justgetflux . It will make the color of the screen according to the time of day and night. It generally make the color of the screen like sunlight when using it in the daytime and like indoor lights in the night time.Also there is an option to turn off flux for one hour when you are performing color sensitive work.

Flux Main Screen

Final Words

So these were the simple yet effective methods to enable night mode in windows. If you know any better way then please comment below. We will appreciate them. Hope this post will help you a lot to reduce eye strain. Thank You
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