How to Increase Copy Paste Speed in Windows

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We are often required to Copy and Paste files in Our Windows Either within the Hard Disk or to Hard disk Through Some External Media Storage Devices i.e USB Pendrive,External Hard Disk or CD-DVd’s but what if the Copying Speed of Files is too slow ?? – Too Slow Copying Speed can prove to be a Nightmare or a Long Waiting time especially when you are Copying Large Files.Sometimes even a small delay seems to be a long waiting time especially when you are in hurry or running out of time.  So if you are one of the users facing too Slow Copy Paste Speed in Your Windows 7/8/XP or Vista or Want to Increase Copy Paste then don’t worry Just Go through this Post and Boost Your Copy Paste Speed by upto 2 Times Faster.Even While Copying Hundreds of Files Together there are possibilities that your HDD Might fail in between the Copying Process because it becomes difficult for the OS and HDD both to Accept such large request at the same time. You don’t need to be an expert to Increase Copy Paste Speed in Your Windows PC you just need to Install Third Party Applications and the Rest will be done by these Applications.  I have gone through lots of Such Applications which Claims to Increase Copy Paste Speed in Windows but most of them are fake and Wastage of Money as well as time.Therefore Here I am Going to Cover Only the Trusted Software’s that really helps in Increasing Copy Paste Speed in Your Windows PC or Laptop.Follow the Given Instructions on How to Increase Copy Paste Speed in Windows 7/8/Vista/XP.

Copy Paste Speed Main

Format Pen Drive in NTFS Format

Generally the pendrive are available in the format FAT32 which can not hold large amount of data. So to increase speed of transferring files to pendrive you should format the pendrive as NTFS file system.
For doing so follow the below instructions
  • Right click on the pendrive and choose Format
  • A windows will open like below Now change file system from FAT32 to NTFS
  • Keep the allocation size unit default as pendrive will be used to store both big and small files.If want to store large files then change it to high value.
  • Hit format and done

Use Windows default options

There are some options given by Windows but they are not activated by default. You have to go and select them to boost copy paste speed in pendrive. Here are the instructions
  • Go to your pendrive Right click and choose Properties (or Press Alt+Enter)
    Nice list of windows Shortcuts
  • Go to Hardware tab and select your drive as shown

  • Copy Paste Select Drive

  • Now click on Properties below in the box . A new windows will open click on Change Setting as shown below

  • Copy Paste Change Setting

  • A new window will open Choose Policies tab and Shift radio button from Quick removal to better performance

  • Copy Paste Final

  • Congratulations You have boosted other method to boost more is below
You must keep in mind that after doing this you must use the safety removal utility present in taskbar before removing the pendrive otherwise your pendrive could cause serious harm.

Using TeraCopy

When it comes to Increasing Copying speed in Windows the First and Most Recommended Thrid Party Application is Teracopy.TeraCopy is a very Powerful tool used by Millions of Users to Increase Copy Paste Speed upto 2X Faster Copying speed which works by reducing the HDD Seek time operation by using Dynamically Adjusted Buffers.TeraCopy Can be set as a default copy handler.Get the Power to Pause and Resume all your Copying Processes with just single click.You just need to Install Teracopy on Your Windows PC and Rest will be done by TeraCopy Automatically.TeraCopy Works by moving and copying the Files at the Maximum Possible Speed Rate.With TeraCopy you can also Schedule the Automatic shutdown for your PC when the Copying process gets completed.TeraCopy checks the Files being copied for Errors by calculating their CRC checksum values.Lets take a detailed look on some of the key features of TeraCopy and How to Increase Copy Paste Speed in Windows 8 Using Teracopy.

Download and Install Tera Copy From Here

teracopy to boost

Key Features of Tera Copy :

  • Easily Pause and Resume all Your Copying or Pasting Processes.
  • Provides Much Faster Speed than Windows Default Copy handler.
  • Checks Files for Errors and in case of copy error it tries several times.
  • Full Explorer Shell Integration and Unicode Support.


So that's it . Your copy paste speed should boost if you apply these tweaks properly. Besides these you should copy one thing at a time to avoid splitting of speed. As my personal advice you should copy one file at a time if possible as it is relatively faster to copy one rather than a bunch. Have any other new idea we are ready to hear from you in comments..


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