How to Increase Google Chrome Speed – Browsing and Download

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     Google Chrome is World’s Best and the Fastest Internet Browser offering you the fastest browsing and download speeds.Google Chrome has become Users Favorite Web browsers because of its Lightning Browsing Speed and User Friendly Interface.Google Chrome regularly provides latest Updates to its users to enhance Users Internet Experience by removing bugs and Improving overall security i.e Providing full Protection against hacking attempts and from Virus Attacks.How to Play android games on PC But Still they are some users who are not pleased with their Google Chrome Web browsers and the reason behind this is low browsing and download speed Experience.So if you are one of them don’t worry anymore you are at the right place to fix this issue by learning How to Increase Google Chrome Speed for faster browsing and download speed.You will find lots of Tricks on the internet to improve your browsing speed in Google chrome of which most of them are fake or False tricks and thus wasting your valuable time.Here I am going to focus and discuss about only those Methods that really works as verified by most of the Users experience.You Must keep in mind that Your Internet Speed depends on various different factors i.e on your Internet Bandwidth and its quality etc.Therefore never expect to gain more Browsing and download speed from the speed provided by your Internet Service Provide.See below given tips and tricks on How to Increase Google Chrome Speed.

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed – Browsing and Download

1 – Update Your Existing Google Chrome

If you are using old Google Chrome versions than immediately update your Google Chrome Web browser because with every new update you get new features and improved performance with latest Support for additional features i.e Higher Security against Malware threats or Hacking attempts.So Always keep your Google chrome Up to date to get the most of your Internet Experience.

How to check for Update

  • Open your Google Chrome and Click on the Wrench icon located at the Right Top corner and Select ‘About Google Chrome’ and there you can check for Google Chrome Update Status as shown below in the Image.

  • You Can See Here Google Chrome is Up to Date as shown below in the Image

2 – Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Having a large number of Extensions installed in your Google Chrome reduces your Internet Browsing Speed since whenever a new page is loaded it checks for the Installed extensions and thus making the page to load slow.Therefore Installing too many of extensions or Addons leads to slow browsing and downloading speeds. How to Download Playstore Apps on PC Try to disable all the Unnecessary installed extensions and make sure to use only a limited number of extensions i.e try to keep less than 5 extensions.

How to Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Open your Google Chrome and Click on the Wrench icon and Select ‘Settings’. Now navigate to the Extensions tab and there you can easily remove Unwanted Extensions by clicking on the Trash icon as shown below in the Image.

3 – Enable “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”

It is a Proven method to Increase the Browsing speed of Your Google Chrome.By Enabling the “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” Option your Web browser will start Loading your Page before you actually click and Open that Page.

How to Enable

  • Go to Google Chrome and Select the ‘Settings’ Option by Clicking the Wrench Icon.
  • Scroll Down and Go to the bottom of the Settings Page.
  • There Select ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  • Search the Privacy Menu and There you will see the Option to Enable “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” as shown below in the Image.

4- Delete Old Cache and Browsing History Web Data

When you Use Google Chrome for the First time after installing you will experience a blistering fast speed which then keeps decreasing after a few weeks or days and thats all because of your old browsing data and history that is stored in your cache and Cookies thus leading to a slow browsing speed.Therefore keep cleaning your old Cache and Browsing History Web Data Regularly.

How to delete old Browsing web data

Go to your Google Chrome and Select the Wrench box and then move to Tools -> Clear browsing data as shown below in the Image.There Select all the Top Four options i.e Clear Cache,Browsing history,download history etc as shown below in the Image.

5- Delete Temporary Internet Files

Deleting the Old Temporary Internet Files also helps in Improving Your Google Chrome Browsing and Download Speeds.Read below on how to delete temporary Internet Files from your Computer.

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files

  • Go to Start Menu and Open RUN Command Box
  • Type %temp% as shown below in the Image.

  • Now you will see a Temp Folder there.
  • Delete all The Files Permanently from the Temp Folder by Selecting all the Files and then Pressing SHIFT + DELETE

6 – Use IDM to Increase Download Speed

IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) is the World’s fastest Download Manager to Download all your Files.With IDM You can Even Download Your Favorite You Tube Videos also.See below How to Use IDM for Downloading Files in Google Chrome Web browser.