How to Make a Folder Name of Con

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     Have you ever tried to make a folder name 'CON' in Windows ? I bet you will not able to make a folder name CON without using any tricks given below . If you never tried this on your windows try this it will happen 

Why can't we create folder named 'con' on desktop. Most of users do not know this task. If you want to do this task as normally we create new folders and rename them as we disappeared then try again and make a con folder. let's learn step by step

Step 1:-You'll have to press the numbers of the number pad or else it                  won't work.

Step 2:-Create a new folder, rename it CON but don't press enter yet.                   Hold down Alt  and type 255 on the number pad and then press enter.

Way 2 (desktop computers)

Go to command prompt in your computer and type md\\.\\c:\\con
[Note: you can give whatever path you want in place of c:] . 
Voila the folder is created. 
Now to delete it, it can done only through the command prompt. Type rd\\.\\c:\con.

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