How to Make a Shutdown Shortcut in Windows

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        Hey!  Are you still shutting down or restarting your Windows computer the old-fashioned way—through the Start menu? Did you know that you can create a shortcut so that you could do these right from your desktop? Making a shutdown shortcut is a faster and more fun and unique way of shutting down. Here is the
step by step procedure of this for any windows computer

Step 1:- Right Click on your desktop

Make shutdown shortcut

Step 2:-Go to the New then Shortcut

Make shutdown shortcut

Step 3:- Copy and paste the following code in given field
                shutdown.exe -s

Make shutdown shortcut

  • To create a restart shortcut, replace -s with -r (shutdown.exe -r)

  • To change the timer, add -t xx, with xx being the number of seconds, to the end. By default, there will always be a 30-second countdown even if the -t xx portion isn't included.

  • To add a "goodbye" message, type -c "your message" (including the quotation marks) at the end.

Step 4:-Type the name of the shortcut and click on finish (in my case i types                            shutdown)

Make shutdown shortcut

                    A shutdown shortcut will be created on your desktop if you want to change the icon of this shortcut to look like real shutdown icon follow the following process:-

Step 5:- Right click on the icon and choose properties 

Make shutdown shortcut

Step 6:-Go to change icon 

Make shutdown shortcut

Step 7:- Choose the shutdown icon

Make shutdown shortcut

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