Free Google search,Google Mail and Google plus for Airtel Users

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Free Google searchHi friends Now I come to the point here i am posting a good news for Airtel users , I think i have late but don't worry I think most of the people don't know this way by which you can browse Google Search , Google Mail and Google plus on your mobile.
 This service is called Freezone which is powered by Google 
For starting use of this service you have to do few simple steps only

Update: This promotion will end on 31 March 2014.Please don`t try after that.

Get a Google account-  

Most of the our have a google account if you don't have please make one

Visit on your mobile-

Visit on your mobile device, then log into your Google account to enjoy Google mobile services data charge free on the go.

Green means go

As long as you see the green bar displaying "free page" at the top of your screen, you won't be charged for using Free Zone. Happy surfing.

Free Google plus for Airtel UsersFree Google Mail for Airtel Users

By freezone you can read email visit and post google plus and search on the google and open a link but if you goes further on the deep you will charge but don't worry google will notify you if you goes to a page on which you have to give a charge to visit .

This will help much if you want to read important email on gmail.One more thing Please use your mobile default browser only to visit freezone otherwise you may be charged for this .This service available on the following operators

Dialog-Sri Lanka

That's all if you have any problem please comment below and if found useful plaese join us on facebook