[Solved] live writer username or password is incorrect

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Sad but true! Blogger users will no longer be able to publish blog posts using Windows Live Writer. You can use Open Live writer instead which is a substitute of windows live writer and NOT a product of Microsoft.
This post is being written from Windows live writer. Before writing a post, you have to configure windows live writer for writing posts.First of all, when configuring windows live to work with Blogger I feel many difficulties the few of them are as following.
  1. Live writer username or password is correct.
  2. Windows live writer was not able to automatically detect setting for your blog.
I was searching solution on the internet and feel that there is no perfect place for  the solution all the websites were providing the incomplete solution. So I decided to write a post on it. Now here is the step by step procedure to configure your blog with windows live writer.
  • First of all Open live writer windows and click the blog service (I am considering blogger& here)
    windows live writer 1
  • Put up your blog address and Username ID, Password
    1. You should use https:// in place of  http://
    2. You should use your full email with @gmail.com
    Still getting error click here
    wndows live writer

  • From the dropdown menu select Blogger and in the next field Fill your blog ID in following way
    www.blogger.com/feeds/YOUR BLOG ID/default/blogs
    To get your blog ID Go to Blogger click on your blog overview and blog id will be there in URL as shown in image below
    windows live writer blog ID
  • It will now detect your blog design By posting a temporary post
    windows live writer Detect
Voila, your Blog is configured with Windows live writer You can now post with this new windows live writer.


In the end, it turned out that all I had to do was enable access for “less secure apps” to my Google account. After the myriad attempts above to login, an email popped up in my inbox. Apparently Google had been helpfully protecting my account from being accessed by what it considers “less secure apps”. If you haven’t received your email yet after trying this then just go to this page:

windows live writer error solved
I then had my blogger account set up in Windows Live Writer 2012 within minutes and wrote this post. Now, I applaud Google for implementing protection like this but if there isn’t a way to make the error message returned actually helpful in diagnosing the problem then please can you get the email out to me tout suite next time! :)


  1. Thank you! I've been searching for this solution for days. I had to include https both times, AND I had to allow less secure apps. I agree - why can't error messages be more useful?

    1. Is your problem solved? The motto of this blog is to provide some content to help you

  2. Thank you Shubham. Your detailed steps, and the final words about Google's security feature helped me solve the issue. I wish you good luck for your blog's success.

    Also, I commend Google on introducing such a feature, though the error messages returned are misleading. And Microsoft should enhance the product to higher security standards. Leaving my Google account allowed to less-secure apps is not comforting.

    1. Oh my pleasure .Please keep visiting and commenting if found something useful .

  3. "www.blogger.com/feeds/YOUR BLOG ID/default/blogs" ........................what is want to fill "YOUR BLOG ID" please give example.whether only the number or full link.

    1. You have to fill only number which is given after blogId in URL as seen in the above image.

  4. Thank you...it really worked

  5. Thank you so much! you helped me.

    1. After I put "www.blogger.com/feeds/YOUR BLOG ID/default/blogs" with my ID number, the error keeps popping. Or it says thr url is not correct of password incorrect.
      I've been on it for days.
      Please help me.

    2. Me too Dora :( Mine is also saying the ID/password is incorrect. Kinda excited I got off the first page though.

    3. Today I have mentioned a notice regarding Blogger in Windows live writer. You may concern that for further information about WLW. Thanks.

  6. not work sir.. I just tried it. how ???

    1. You are not describing your problem . Please give some details of your problem.