Get New Email Alerts on Mobile via SMS

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Hey friends Today I am here with a new post om a very important topic that how can you get phone notification when a new mail arrived in your Gmail.There are lots of way when you Google it.I am going here to share universal way for getting phone notification . Here is the method of IFTTT by which you can get phone notification for any new email.
IFTTT stands for If This Then That .It is the website which is use to automate the work on internet.Nearly 120 services are there called Channels.With the help of these channels we can automate nearly all the popular services.Now it the time to intoduce the website IFTTT.

The main page

Here is the photo of the main page of the IFTTT.You are seeing here the tagline of the IFTTT- Put the internet to work for you
IFTTT Main page

Using IFTTT to get sms notification of Gmail

Here is the step by step procedure of the whole method by which you can get email notification of all the new emails or selected by a lebel.
  • First of all go to IFTTT website and sign up.
  • Then click on add in the following recipe to get work
  • IFTTT Recipe: Gmail to SMS connects gmail to sms
  • Now they will ask to activate the Gmail channel and SMS channel
  • When you activate both the channels then recipe will triggered every time a new Email is arrived in your Gmail.
You can add specific label post in menu given on the IFTTT . If you want to do this type of things then you have to do specific tasks and create a new recipe which fulfill all your specific requirements
That's all for this post I will describe further ways of getting sms from Gmail when new email arrived & new application of IFTTT channels.Thank You