How to unsubscribe to junk mail easily

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Newsletter Subscription ,really a great way to keep update with the newer information on any website or blog. Some of the website offer an elegant way to subscribe to their newsletter ,but some website do Email Marketing in very wrong way by using annoying popups.When you search for this on the internet you will find such that all the websites on the internet offer this type of subscription.These are sometimes like a junk mail or spam mail.

Further information

Have you sometimes feel the situation that after 4-5 days when open your mail account there are more than 1000 to 1500 emails in your inbox including facebook ,google+, youtube,twitter.Some are from the other websites like way2sms(if already joined) ,even some sweet promo codes related to different offers.So what to do to stop this type of the email here is the app known as

Well nothing much, as I’ve already said that you can do this in 2 minutes and completely free of cost. First you have to visit a website named This is really a great website for this purpose. Then you have to click on the Get Started Now button and have to provide your email address which you want to clean up and click Continue. Also before continuing make sure that you accept the Terms and Conditions of their website.Nows in case of gmail there will be a box for accepting to attach this app to gmail account (if using other email service prompt will be there for same).  After you authenticate your account will scan your whole inbox for this garbage senders subscription and after the scan process complete, click on Continue like you have done before. On the very next page it will give you a detailed list of all the Subscribers along with an easy link to Unsubscribe. You can easily go through the list and check in which subscribers are you really interested in and for rest of then you can just easily unsubscribe them with no hassle. Did not understand anything here is the step by step procedure to do this work in simple and easy way
  • Go to website and click on Get started as shown below
  • unsubscribe-main
  • Now put your emal address in given box
  • fill-your-email
  • Accept the permission from google mail to attach it to
  • Google-permission
  • There is the list of all the subscription now click on the Unsubscribe option to unsubscribe
  • Unsubscribe-from-list
  • Congratulations! You have unsubscribed successfully from the newsletter

Final Words

So , You have done it in simple way rather than doing it one by one and wasting your time in doing this unsubscription. This unrollment app will solve your problem.Thaank you