What is $RECYCLE.BIN Folder?

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I upgraded my system to Windows 8.1 professional recently and realized that there have been two folders created in each partition of my drive. These were named as "$RECYCLE.BIN" and "System Volume". I wondered slightly, and so on googling, found that majority of the net supported the argument prove that it absolutely was kind of a trojan and virus however i can not believe that because it was hardly five minutes I've had put in Windows 8.1. thus I expanded  my analysis slightly more.
$recyclebin virus

Microsoft Word

On the official website for Microsoft Windows when I search for this type of folder then they stated at a place that
Every drive has its own $RECYCLE.BIN folder hidden by default. This is possibly a virus if its visible to you but in some cases due to system settings override, you may also see it.
So at this place and situation I realize that it was not a virus or trojan it was simply a operating system file and it is only visible when I click check the radio button in the Show Operating System Files in folder option present in the control panel option.

Final Words

But possibly, it could also be a trojan. There are innumerable guides to check that. If you can see it from your hard drive without UNCHECKING the above option "Hide protected operating system files", probably, its a trojan. Get your computer cleaned y some antivirus . Good Luck!