8 Best Apps for rooted phones

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This is the third post I am going to write on Android Rooting. The rooting is very interesting thing to perform when you have rooted your phone there will be full control on your device . To maximise this experience you should have some apps.
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Here today I am going to present list of some best root apps

8 best root apps


The Xposed framework is a powerful customization tool that lets you enjoy features found on custom Android ROMs without actually installing the ROM itself. Customizations come as modules and let you do all kinds of neat stuff - from blacklisting contacts and controlling your app start-up list to UI and Quick Settings modifications. And if a module doesn't work on your device, you should have no troubles un-applying it. Don't bother looking for Xposed on the Play Store. It is available separately, straight from its dedicated web site.


Overtime your Android will be filled with apps that consume a lot of your battery life, or worse make your device slow down. Greenify will help to identify and hibernate your battery-sucking apps when you are not using them.

This is different from freezing the app (which renders the program useless), a method other similar root apps use. Greenify merely puts those apps to sleep while not disabling their function entirely.

BusyBox Installer

Busybox might not appeal to the average Android user, but it will certainly appeal to tech geeks and Linux users. Busybox is an app that adds Linux commands to your Android device. To make the app as easy as possible to use, Busybox even lists the commands, making it easy to perform a wide variety of functions that are normally unavailable to users of non-rooted Android devices.

Titanium Backup

No electronic device is immune to failures. If you’re like most people, you keep some valuable information on your Android device. From phone numbers to pictures and everything in between, losing access to that data could be devastating. That’s why you need Titanium Backup, an app which allows rooted Android users to set automatic backup options. All apps and other data is saved, so if you screw up your phone while trying to install a custom ROM, you can easily restore it with the click of a button.

Pimp My ROM

Here’s a one-in-all tweaking app. There are just so many features and tweaks that you can enable and patch to improve your Android experience.

It also includes init.d scripts that are full of tweaks and a simplified version of buildprop to make it easier time to decide on the perfect settings for your device.


Adblock Plus

After getting lot of support from the firefox and chrome users the Adblock Plus makers decided to bring this awesome app in the android platform. The result is the Adblock Plus for android . It is at the time unavailable on the play market but you can still download it from Adblockplus.org the official website for Adblock plus.

System App remover

There are the some bloatware present in the Android as installed for the system manufacturer to promote their Company as well as to provide some easy interface to user. But when these apps are not used by user then they will hog memory and battery only. If you want to uninstall these apps they will deny . To uninstall these apps you will require another third party app to uninstall. One of the best app is System App Remover


It is the basic app used to control the root permission to differeent apps.It manage the permission so that no apps are authorised which can damage your system . You can download it from below


So here the list ends but be sure that you have taken backup for the phone before using any app, so that if there is any type of discrepancu in the system you can easily resolve it.


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  2. Hello Admin,
    Is there any way to recover the data from phone memory (Android Lollipop) without rooting? If you know so please help!
    Thanks in advance.

    1. It is not possible to recover data from memory unless you have backup for that.