Stream Audio from Windows PC to Andriod Phone

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Let us consider a situation that You have a big monitor screen and in which you want to watch a beautiful movie but you want to hear sound at your headphone then in this situation what will you do because the wire of headphone is not too long so that it can reach to your ears. In another situation let assume that you want to play a song and it is in your desktop but not in your Android then. There is a common solution to these problems Soundwire app.


Soundwire Stream

This is a Android based app which is used to stream your sound from desktop to your mobile with the help of wifi connection.Some of the best uses of this type of the system are as follows

  • You can simply create a wireless music system at your home or another place.
  • You can organise a party in hall while your PC having in a room
  • You can boom on those speakers too which are not fitting on your PC desk

Lets Go

Here is the step by step procedure to do the thing to use Android as Media Speaker
  • Go to Georgie labs download page and download the Soundwire Server for your version of Windows. Currently available versions support Windows 7 (also works on Windows 8) and Windows XP. Sadly there are no servers available for Linux or Mac.
  • Unzip the package and install the server on your PC. While installing Windows might throw a warning, skip it and choose “Run Anyway”.
  • Next install the Soundwire (free version) on your Android phone.
  • Now sure that both the devices have Soundwire installed, start the Soundwire server on PC and Soundwire app on Android. make sure both your PC and Android are connected to a common WiFi network.
  • You’ll find a server address on the Soundwire Server window on PC (status will be Disconnected).
  • Soundwire Pc Screen
  • On the Soundwire screen on your Android phone, type in the server address and tap the Soundwire icon which will then connect the app with the PC server. The status on the Soundwire Server window on PC will turn to Connected.
  • Soundwire App screen
Now start playing any music or movie or a Youtube video, just anything that produces sound and your Android phone will start playing the sound. Your PC/laptop speakers will play the sounds as well. To get the desired result, which is, to make your Android play the sound and PC do the rest, just mute the sound on PC. Now you can just hear the sound on your Android phone.

A little Hack

Always remember that this will work only if you have a high speed connection. There are mainly two hacks
  • You can do this hack if you have two phones and then you should switch on the wifi hotspot of one and then stream on other one .
  • If you want to see movie by this technique there may be some delay due to speed of wifi network. To avoid this you may go to VLC media player setting then all settings and search for delay and then set it your desired value by matching the expression in movie and voice in your mobile.So that You can get maximum enjoyment.

Final Words

You should implement this atleast once to see the magic that playing in PC and voice coming from Android Phone.So now the post comes to its end. If you have any problem in implementing this one then you can ask in comment box below. Thank You!