4 boolean string tricks to extend functionality of Firefox

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Firefox is ,by nature , an unusual browser with its default settings . It is satisfactory for more users but in these users there are some who always want to do something extra as compared to others. This includes downloading Add-on available in the firefox store to extend functionality and make it more flexible more flexible. But there are some other ways available in the firefox to do more .

Thanks to about:config setting which is I think copied from Chrome. These settings offers powerful setting and configurations . Nearly 76% people forget that it exist in our browser . These settings are more powerful if you know exactly what are they. Previously I have written a post on speeding up firefox in which I have used some of them to speed up firefox significantly. Here are some more tricks to improve your firefox browser.

Accessing About:config page

To access this page you have to go to address bar and type about:config simply. This will open a warning page where you have to press “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button and you will be on about:config page.

warning about config

Save your browsing session

Closing the web browser means losing all of the tabs you opens previously. After closing the tabs you might need them in future so going to the history is worse thing . As there are pretty number of website you might not remember which had you opened . So the best idea is to save your browsing session.
You can save the session by going to setting menu but here we are talking about about:config page so we will do this in advance way.
In the text box along the top of the about:config page, type showQuitwarning to bring up the string “browser.showQuitwarning”. This should be appearing as "false” for now.

browser quit setting

Doube click the value .It should be set to bold and false should be convert into "true".
Now if you try to quit your session in firefox you will get following warning shown below where you have to decide whether session should save or not. If you want permanently this tweak then tick "Do not ask next time" and click first button.

save session prompt

Show full URL in address bar

If you are social geek and share URLs often to friends. Then situation may be that URLs are opening in your PC but they didn't open in friends PC. Chances are that they are missing prefix like "http://" . By default firefox doesn't show full URL in your address bar but by changing some value this may happen.
Open about:config page and in search bar type trimURLs there will be only one string "browser.urlbar.trimURLs".

trim url setting

Observe the string's default status it will be true if not changed. You have to change it to false by double clicking it.
Now check your address bar , the full URL should be there . This is also useful in recognizing whether URL is secured or not ( having https:// or http://)

facebook secure https

Add previews like windows' Alt+Tab

If you are an Android Lollipop user you may saw that the chrome tabs has been gone to your recent app screen. If you want that experience in windows then you can add previews like Alt+tab in your firefox tabs too.
For this go to about:config page and search for ctrlTab . In the first entry, which is false by default, double click and turn it into "True".

alt tab setting

Now you can change the tabs either from task bar or from default window.

Close all Tabs without closing Firefox

If you have tried Opera then you may notice that even on losing all the tabs browser is still open . But in firefox this can not happen by default. If you want this feature in your firefox too then
In the about:config page search for CloseWindowWithLastTab .There will come a boolean string means its value can be true or false only. The default state is true you have to set it "false" by double clicking it.

close with last tab

To test the effect close all the opened tabs and Firefox will still be there having a new tab page.

show new tab


If you have used about:config page before or after reading this article then you may notice that this is back-windows of setting. If you have some more tricks then share them in comments . If there is any mistake in article in terms of process then let me know in comments too.