How to bypass Android pattern lock without losing data

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In this modern era everyone is using Smartphones . Majority of smartphone are having Android operating system as it is most popular operating system in the world for mobile phones . But the security parameters in the Android are not so strong anyone with a good knowledge can break into system and get your valuable information . There are different types of security systems in the Android system as password lock , pattern lock etc. The most important and popular way is Pattern lock as it can be easily remembered and it is super easy and fun as compared to password lock . You have to just match the dots. It is easy to remember but still there are situations when you forgot the pattern lock and there problem arises . You can go to service center but when they open all of your data will be formatted and you will get a new phone as seen from inside if you haven't taken backup of your data. So today I am going to write few ways to bypass the Android Pattern lock without losing a bit of data .

Bypass Pattern Lock

Method #1 : Aroma File Manager


  1. Aroma file manager
  2. A locked phone with memory card option(may be only with internal storage)
  3. A memory card for Android device


  1. Download Aroma file manager from given link and after downloading place it in Memory card and insert the card into mobile phone
  2. Open stock recovery mode in your device usually to do this you have to switch off the mobile then press Volume up and Power Key simultaneously. If your device doesn't boot into stock recovery mode may be your device is having another configuration just Google it
  3. In Recovery mode you can Scroll using Volume up and Volume down keys and for selecting something use power key.
  4. From there Select "Install Zip from SD Card" and give path to Aroma file manager from SD card.
  5. After installing Aroma it will open in recovery mode.
  6. From the Aroma File Manager navigate to settings >> go to bottom and click on "Automount all devices on start" and then exit.
  7. Repeat Step # 4 and Step #5 again. After this you will get Aroma file manager Opened again.
  8. Now navigate to Data Folder >> System Folder and find >> "gesture.key" or "password.key" for pattern lock or password lock respectively.
  9. Delete any one file or both and Reboot . After rebooting you will notice that pattern is not removed but when you enter any pattern or password it will be unlocked immediately and that pattern will be your new pattern . You may proceed will unlocked phone.

Method #2 : Android Device manager


  1. Android Device with internet access and Android device manager installed (New devices have preinstalled this)
  2. Another desktop or Laptop with internet access


  1. Google itself provide some features in it website to manage your phone without actually using your device. This method may not work in some devices. So go to
  2. Sign in into your existing Google account . If you have multiple account then sign in into that account which is associated with your device
  3. Now a page will open showing your current location by map and a window in left showing options Ring , lock and Erase. you can also ring your phone from here whenever you keep your phone and forgot your phone where it is. In addition to that you can also erase your phone but we are discussing about Lock here.
  4. Android Device manager main 
  5. Now click on Lock and a popup will appear as shown below in image . Fill your Password and repeat Password . You can also put Recovery Message and Phone no which will appear at lockscreen . The phone no will appear on Screen so that if your phone is lost the person who get it may notify you(This doesn't happen usually) .
  6. Android device manager lock screen 
  7. If you device support then it will be locked otherwise a message will popup saying "Since Google has verified that a Screen lock is already set , the password you entered won't be needed."
  8. Device manager lock failure

Final Words

There are some situations when you need to break into your phone or another phone .In that situations you may need this post I know there are several post written on this topic but still all are not fully informative. This article may also contain some errors if you found one then please report them in comment box . If you found any new method to unlock phone pattern then please send that via Contact us form we will post that one with your name. Thank You