How to mirror Android to PC

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If you're ever in a situation where you need to show or play some content from your Android to your bigger screen like Laptop, what do you do? You usually copy or move that content from Android to PC, which will work most of the time. But if you have no mean to transfer the content or you don't want to transfer content then what will you do?
Well if you are running Android Kit-kat or higher then I have solutions to that problem. There are mainly two ways to mirror Android screen to PC.One is by using your USB cable and making use of USB debugging tool available developer options in settings and another one is using your wifi network without consumption of data.

Uses of Mirroring Screen to PC

  • Show photos and videos on bigger screen
  • Presenting an app or giving a demo on big screen
  • Interacting with Android UI either from PC or Android
  • Reading some content on bigger screen
  • Browsing the web on bigger screen without internet connection in PC

Vysor(beta) - using USB cable

Vysor is an app available on the Chrome store and Google Play store both. But you have to install the app available on the chrome store only.To install this app, you may follow Chrome store and download app from below.
Download Vysor

After installing when you run this app, you will get following UI as shown.
Vysor Main Screen

Simply click on Find Device and select your device which is already plugged into PC using a USB cable.
Select device from Vysor
you will see it is installing Vysor apk (one time process) and after that you will see that your Vysor app has mirrored the Android screen to PC.
installing apk to Android
I personally like Vysor because mirrored screen is smooth in Vysor as both android and PC are connected via USB cable and you can interact with the UI of Android.

Points to consider while connecting Android

  • Proper driver should be installed in the PC
  • USB debugging in developer options should be ON
  • You should select Allow debugging when asked in the Android
Vysor connected

All cast receiver and Mirror - The wireless way

Here we come to the interesting part of this post where you can mirror android screen wirelessly.This is possible with the ClockworkMod's app for Chrome and android. Unlike Vysor you have to install apps in Android and the PC both. So lets start
First of all install the apps in Chrome and Android
Download Allcastreceiver

Connect Android and PC to the same wifi network.Then open the app from the chrome drawer and in the Android also.
Allcast Mirror
You will see the Chrome option showing in the Android app. Select that and click on Start now and what mirroring will start and you will see the screen on the big one.

Allcast Mirror Allow Screen


  • Both Android and PC should be connected to the same network probably wifi is the only way
  • You can not interact with the UI from PC (in my case if you found it will be great)
  • The performance was a bit laggy on my PC and Android phone too.
Allcast Mirror Screen


Between Vysor and Allcast Receiver kit I will always choose Vysor as I can interact with the UI from the PC screen which is missing in the Allcast.Performance in the Vysor was smooth in my case and a bit laggy in Allcast but this may be due to wifi problem because at the time of testing I was using same wifi network for browsing and downloading ****.If you are using any other technique or app please comment that. Thank You.